The Intimate Relationship Challenge

What if you could break through relationship barriers and achieve your fullest potential as a human being and a lover?

Often, personal growth and relationship growth are viewed as separate vehicles on the road of life.

A passionate and healthy relationship requires each person to face the anxiety of defining who they are, while still growing closer to their partner. Our intimate relationships offer the deepest insights into who we are as human beings.

The current model of “fixing” relationships generally focus on techniques to spice up the romance. To cure sexual dysfunction with “breathing patterns.” The problem is that this focus destroys intimacy and increases anxiety.

Techniques make you a technician, not a lover.

So I’m challenging you. I challenge you to move beyond the techniques, tips, and tricks, and I challenge you become the type of person who can stand on your own two feet while becoming intimately close with your partner. This is not a task for the lighthearted. It’s a journey for the bold.

Couples who have accepted this challenge and worked with me know me as The Relationship Revitalizer. Why? Because I help couples rekindle the romance, while supporting each partner on their unique life journey.

I wonder what your life would be like if you achieved your full potential.

Dare to find out?

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