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Kyle Benson

Hello. I’m Kyle Benson and this site is a large chapter in the book of my life’s work. I write about healthy relationships because I know what it’s like not to have them.

Love has been the worst war I have ever fought.

It’s ripped me into such small pieces that I wondered if I’d ever be whole again.

My past relationships caused me to believe I was unworthy of love unless I achieved some measure of success. My sense of inadequacy kept me running on empty. I worked 100 hours a week and I struggled to sleep more than a few hours a night. My body was full of anxiety. I stressed myself into a health battle that lasted over three years. At my worst, I looked like this:


But after I suffered in the darkest hour of my health issues, I grew. I began to accept myself. I faced the trauma I didn’t want to accept from being manipulated and cheated on by my college sweetheart. I finally admitted how much pain, anger, and hatred I had towards her actions and choices, rather than pretending they weren’t there.

I learned that the quality of our relationships are the bedrock of our existence. Not only do our closest relationships shape who we are, they shape our life story. The stories we tell ourselves about ourselves.

Our inner narrator who tells us how worthy we are. What we deserve. The same narrator that drives us to continually find ourselves in unhealthy relationships after unhealthy relationships.

It took a hard look at my life story to truly change the type of women I would attract and date. It took lots of emotional processing to remain calm and loving while my partners criticized me for how I made them feel. I’ve grown a lot from studying healthy relationships and I plan to learn much more.

The reason I’m obsessed with healthy relationships is because I know what it’s like to not have them. I know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed by emotions of insecurity. I know what it’s like to feel unloved.

I want to help people who are struggling to go from feeling the way I did, to feeling the way I do now. I constantly find people commenting on my emotional maturity. The women I date think I’m far older than I am because of my self-awareness. I feel happier, more secure and healthier than I ever have.

Whatever relationship battle you are in, I want you to know I am here to help. I am here to work alongside you to cultivate the relationship you deserve.

Because I know that healthy relationships do more than advance our personal growth. They make us more resilient and improve our physical health, and they also allow us to become community builders – creative workers, effective leaders, and caring citizens. I wholeheartedly believe creating more healthy relationships would improve our world.

If an artist takes pains with the plaster that he is forming so that it may harden into a shape of beauty. what care should we take of the relationships which are to affect so permanently shaping our minds, bodies, and souls?

If you want to be a masterful artist in the way you love, then you’d love to join our community.

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The quality of our relationships are the bedrock on which we build our existence. If we can make our relationships healthy and passionate, I believe we can not only change the quality of our life, but change the quality of humanity.

What Clients and Email Subscribers are Saying…

I don’t think a word exists to describe how grateful I am to you, and the sense of happiness you have instilled in me. ~ Alia S., 30, Calgary, CA

After a few sessions with you, I noticed a shift in my ability to honestly attract high quality people into my life. I’m meeting more attractive and interesting women as well as forming friendships with really awesome guys. I can’t believe how small shifts in my beliefs can make such a big change in my life!  ~Matt S., Houston, TX

After reading your  Most Toxic Relationship of All and Why Insecure People articles,  I realized that my relationship was toxic. It suck, but I  started looking at my impact in the relationship. I’m starting to redefine my standards and the way I behave within my relationships.  Things aren’t as crazy and I’m happier. Thanks man.  ~Terra M., Seattle, WA