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Why Relationship Coaching?

Everything worth having requires consistent attention. At this point in your life, you may have invested in your education, your career, your health – even your home. Why should your relationship be any different?

The scary truth is that very few of us have been taught how to cultivate a passionate long-lasting relationship. If we were lucky, we were educated in sexual anatomy – but relationship mastery? Nothing! Many of us have been left to drown in the sea of misguided romantic advice.

Think of a Relationship Coach as your personal GPS to an exotic island full of passionate, deeply connected romance.   

The strongest and healthiest couples are the ones who hire a Relationship Coach. They don’t want to settle for mediocre love and sex within the desert of a sexless marriage. They want the best relationship possible.

Couples who are committed to having a passionate relationship prioritize their marriages. They invest their energy into learning how to create passionate, wake-the-neighbor sex, how to argue constructively to facilitate their personal growth as well as enhance the relationship, and how to fill their days with  joyful intimacy.

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Why Work With Kyle Benson?

DSC00967I’ve had the privilege of working with men and women on a wide range of relationship issues. I’ve helped individuals and couples:

  • Remove sexual anxiety to create intensely passionate and longer-lasting sex
  • Leave toxic relationships to find a healthy relationship that makes them feel calm, grateful for the person in their life, and deeply valued by their partner
  • Resolve relationship gridlock, leading the couple to become closer and more loving than they ever thought imaginable
  • Use problems in the relationship as catalysts to help individuals grow into their highest potential (and become more awesome lovers)

Our coaching sessions are unlimited. They are tailored towards reaching solutions that improve both individuals’ romantic and personal lives.

“I had been stuck in a toxic relationship. I was full of anxiety, wondering if I was good enough for my partner. In one session Kyle pointed out why he was behaving the way he was and why I felt the way I did. I ended the relationship and within three weeks found the love of my life. I only wish I would have spoke with Kyle sooner.” – Lacey N., 27, Los Angeles

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Do You Feel:

  • Misunderstood and isolated in your relationship?
  • Like you are constantly at war with your partner?
  • Completed disconnected from your partner?
  • Like you’re not getting what you need to feel loved and respected by your partner?
  • Sexually inadequate? Finish too soon? Struggle to have an orgasm? Never had one?
  • Stuck in a sexless marriage?
  • Like your inner critic is holding your sexual and romantic potential hostage?

“I don’t think a word exists to describe how grateful I am to you, and the sense of happiness you have instilled in me.” –Alia S., 30, Calgary, CA

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Together, We Will Get Results

Couples who have worked with me call me the Relationship Revitalizer. Individuals who have worked with me say I’m an expert on the psychology of healthy relationships. Our work together will give you:

  • A deeper sense of connectedness to your partner and life
  • Happiness and emotional freedom
  • Amazing sex (more intimate, erotic and wild)
  • Enhanced self-esteem, self-respect, self-worth and self-love
  • Plus much more!

“I had a long talk with my husband this week about why our sex life has declined so much. It was a hard talk, but keeping your stuff in mind really helped me keep an objective point of view until we got down to what was going on. We finally got through it. Just in the past week my sex life has turned a complete 180 just because of one conversation, and he’s opened up to me so much. You really made a difference.” – Kayla P., 27, Seattle, Wa

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Imagine if:

  • Instead of feeling blamed and isolated in your relationship, you felt like you had a partner who was deeply connected to you and had your best interests at heart.
  • Instead of feeling sexually inadequate, you overcame sexual shame and stepped into your full erotic nature.
  • You turned your marriage into a success story by exploring the expectations and hopes of the future, creating a love and life beyond your wildest dreams.
  • You had the skills to communicate in a way that cultivates intense intimacy and invites deeper love.
  • You were able to share your deepest desires and darkest vulnerabilities without fear of being rejected or judged.
  • You could overcome lifelong intimacy blocks that get in the way of connecting with your partner.
  • Your love life and personal life were authentically aligned, empowering you each day to live to your fullest potential.

“After a few sessions with you, I noticed a shift in my ability to honestly attract high quality people into my life. I’m meeting more attractive and interesting women as well as forming friendships with really awesome guys. I can’t believe how small shifts in my beliefs can make such a big change in my life!” -Matt S., 27, Houston, TX

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Relationships are a Personal Growth Machine!

holding-hands-1149411_1920Life’s struggles often put our relationships strengths and weaknesses to the test.

I help couples deepen and strengthen their relationships while cultivating the lives they dreamed of for themselves.

A healthy relationship balances separateness and togetherness. While many see conflict as a sign of incompatibility, conflicts that most couples experience are signals that the relationship needs growth to occur.

The silent screaming you experience when disconnected from your partner can be used to deeply connect you to your authentic self. Your sexless relationship can enable you to step into your full integrity and embody your deepest desires.

By exploring the dark forest of negative patterns and cycles that are keeping you ‘stuck in the mud’ of old wounds, we can make the transformational shift from behaviors that sabotage our relationship to ones that grow ourselves and deepen the love between our partners.

Your relationship can be a foundation of profound growth and vitality for the both of you.Will you let your relationship be a success story? Do you have the courage to invest your time, money and effort into the best gift you can give yourself and your partner? To have a relationship far better than your wildest dreams?

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Ready? Here Are Your Next Steps

Love is like a picture. When you’re stuck in the image, it’s hard to see the entire frame.

After an hour with your Relationship Coach, you will gain (shocking) insight into your current situation.

By clicking the button below, you’ll be taken to an application page. Fill out the application in detail and select a time that works best for you. Once I receive your application, I’ll contact you in less than 48 hours.

I look forward to speaking with you!

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