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Hi Erotic Love Summit Attendees!

Do you know what it truly feels like when somebody’s doing you— not just bringing you to orgasm or having sex— but really doing you? Do you know what it feels like to do your partner?

Both men and women have a difficult time exploring their eroticism with their partner. Sometimes we have a hard time fucking the person we love. We find it “degrading.” But ‘pile-driving’ is not doing someone. It’s easy to hump without feeling.

It takes emotional depth to do your partner with all of you.

Many of us are scared to experience the intense intimacy in the bedroom we dream of. Because we know the erotic journey to reach soul-stretching sex requires profound personal growth.

Willfully engaging in eroticism is an ongoing resistance to the message that a committed relationship is serious; that it’s more work than play. Complaining about sexual boredom is easy and common, but nurturing eroticism is an act of open defiance.

Embodying your erotic nature can transform every area of your life. So let me ask you:

Are you bold enough to create intense intimacy with your partner?

Eroticism and intimacy challenges our deepest fears and insecurities. It makes many of us uncomfortable because it allows us to be truly seen. Being affectionate and passionate is not for the light-hearted.

  • It requires emotional depth.
  • It requires you to stand in the discomfort of embracing your full sexual potential.
  • Intimacy is the glue of heart-pounding, breath-taking, wake-the-neighbor sex.

I dare you to take the Intimacy 5 Challenge and step into your full sexual potential.

The Intimacy 5 Challenge Provides You 5 of the Most Intense Intimate Challenges Couples Have Ever Done.

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